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A troubled boy's life takes a dark turn when he begins to receive whispered messages from a mysterious voice.

A woman and her sister have a horrifying encounter once they start to suspect there may be something, or someone in their house.

An unsuspecting record shop employee encounters evil forces by way of some timeworn cassette tapes.

Megan wakes up trapped in the bathroom after what she believes was an earthquake. When her cries for help are answered by a horrifying sound she doesn’t recognize, she realizes she should have stayed silent.

Melvin Tavers aka ‘The Silencer’ will let you into the world of a serial killer, deeper than you ever wanted to go. Guest Starring Adam Busch. Warning: Extreme violence, language, and terror.

Poet Jonathan Penny would do anything for success. Even make a deal with the devil.

The dark, scary house the kids in the neighborhood are afraid of is not the real danger. It's the Spider Lady that inhabits the walls waiting for them to get close. Guest Starring Bonnie Aarons.

The host of a horror themed podcast gets more than he bargained for with his latest guest. Guest Starring Spencer Charnas. Photosensitive Warning: This video contains flashes of light that could trigger seizures for people with visual sensitivities.

A dark entity befriends a lonely young girl.

When a young couple buys their dream house, nightmares move in.

A woman's weekend getaway turns into a nightmare.

Layne finally meets her dream man, but his son begins to scare her with his sleepwalking. She starts to realize the thing to fear may not be her stepson’s night terrors but what he’s waking up to communicate with.

Benjamin Lass and his Mother Louise are very close. When Louise makes a new friend, the terror they experience may seem sexy but it will definitely end in blood!

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